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Top 5 Popular Job Boards of 2018

 Just a month left, and we will be saying goodbye to 2018. As a recruiter, one of your primary sources of recruitment is job boards. It is crucial to choose a job board which provides quality candidates and helps you in speeding up your.....

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5 Possible Transformations of Job Boards

 It’s been quite some time that I am reading about the death of job boards.

Yes, that’s the phrase which has become so popular that many HR Tech leaders and professionals have discussed it. Some are of the view that job boards are left with a.....

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Science behind Better Recruiting - Better Matching!

Does your software/Jobboard claims to attract the top candidate, the best way possible, first and fast? Then, probably, you’re not the only one vouching for best talent today among the rise of startups vs. enterprise. 2017 year will witness the.....

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Recruiters, have you started enriching Resumes?

You have tons of resumes stacked in your old database and you’ve not accessed it for a really long time, what more alternatives do you have, to make any sense out of them again? This tough question, everyday companies has to go thorough and.....

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Semantic Search & Match to Simplify Recruitment

First, let’s know what is semantic- The meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text is semantic. Not many people in recruitment business today use this technology to find best hires, quick and fast. As a result, the best talent gets grabbed by.....

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