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Top 5 Tools for Social Media Recruiting

What’s your take on social recruiting?

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3 Ways How Employer Branding Helps to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Do you want to win the talent war?

Do you think that your company’s reputation can help in attracting the right talent?

However, you need to use the right methods and tools to create a strategy for using employer branding in recruitment. Agree?

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Top 9 HRTech Events of 2019

It’s the year-end. As we are saying goodbye to this year, we are doing a quick recap of what happened in these 12 months. But along with this, everyone is keen to know what lies in the year ahead and what is there to look forward?

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World’s Largest HR Tech Conference 2017 is Coming Up

Are you ready to witness the grand fusion of HR with technology at HRTechConference in Las Vegas on October 10-13, 2017?

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A holistic platform charged with the brightest minds in the industry, HRTechTank San Francisco was truly more than a typical boot camp or pitching event. Imagine the vibrant aura of Hack Temple packed with Industry experts like Josh Bersin, Ward.....

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