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ATS and Resume Parser: Perfect Partners

I wonder if recruitment was so easy to do, why would HR managers take so long to close the jobs?

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3 Ways Recruitment Software is Changing HR

While writing this blog, I recall those days when we considered recruitment to be an industry that could rise only with the help of humans. But with the evolution of technology, the recruitment industry is transforming its recruiting process.....

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Achieve a Higher ROI with RChilli + PeopleSoft Integration

Let me help you in deciding why you should stop by and read this article.

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to the following three questions, we have some important information for you here.

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The 5 A’s to Drive Employee Engagement in Your Organization

An engaged workforce refers to a highly productive, enthusiastic, and dedicated workforce. It has all the qualities you wish for as an employer. In fact, it is the actual route to take your organization to the heights of success.

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Customer Speaks- Why Bowmo Chose RChilli?

We trust you are enjoying our ‘Customer Speaks’ series.

It feels awesome when your customers appreciate your services and show faith in you.

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