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Takeaways from HRTechTank, Sydney

Sydney had the honor of having another major HR event. As expected, HRTechTank ended with a big success. The event witnessed a mix of HR technology start-ups and vendors, HR thought leaders and analysts, strategic HRTech investors and HR and Talent.....

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World’s Largest HR Tech Conference 2017 is Coming Up

Are you ready to witness the grand fusion of HR with technology at HRTechConference in Las Vegas on October 10-13, 2017?

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#HRTechTank NYC Experience - Your Way To Success

New York was even more vibrant and exhilarating than usual on June 1st, thanks to HR Tech Tank New York held @Rise New York. The venue was as spectacular as the event itself being a global community for startups and corporates.

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From innovative startups to HR Tech Trends Discussions to People Management, HR Events of June 2017 cover the tactics and approaches that HR Professionals need to thrive in this ‘Innovative fast paced Disruptive Era.' We’ve compiled the list of.....

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Are you looking to improve your business strategies and tactics, establish new connections, gain industry insights and get acquainted with the latest technological innovations?

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