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Choosing The Right HR-software For Your HR-startup!

HR software is an important development of today’s era that helps you with careful and effective business handling. It reduces the burden of the employees by making their hiring error-free. Keeping a record of everything manually is a hectic task.....

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World’s Largest HR Tech Conference 2017 is Coming Up

Are you ready to witness the grand fusion of HR with technology at HRTechConference in Las Vegas on October 10-13, 2017?

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Money is in the People For New-Age HR Startups!

The success of HR startups like Talview, PiQube, Zeta , Belong , Mettl are bringing in better methods of Recruiting. Almost 235 HR startups have had in 2015 and capped $50 million in investment only. For 2016, the numbers have multiplied.....

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Be a Hiring Superman with ATS/Jobboards

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