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Being a recruiter is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You are our Heroes and an inspiration for us. We recognize the skills, dedication, and professionalism of recruiters by showing the journey of recruiters to the world.

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Grace Redman

Stansbury Staffing, Inc.



“Recruitment is an amazing industry. The most important thing that is going to stay consistent is relationships. Focus on building relationship with yourself and once you have it, connecting with everyone is easier. Be patient and give it time and run your own race. Focus on yourself and what you are doing.”


David Brennan

Executive Director,


“Recently and more than ever before, my principles have evolved around logic, authenticity, and empathy. If you are more empathetic and authentic with logic, the jobseekers will recognize and laud you as a recruiter instead of criticizing you on open forums like glassdoor. ”

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Sarah Abdul Baset Jasem

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist,


“Our job as a recruiter is to connect with the candidates and make them feel comfortable with us to share their stories. Because in the end, recruitment is a sales job. You try to sell your brand and the place that you work in to get the best talent for your job positions.”

In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences – just learning experiences!!

An Exclusive Program for ATS/Jobboards

Join RChilli's Incubator Program

An Exclusive Program for Recruiters

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Prerna Kalra

Founder and CEO,
Open Hand Solutions


“Recruitment excites me because it makes me feel that I am building something. When you are getting people, you are contributing in a way to fulfill the dreams of an organization. The most important skill you need to have is common sense. As long as you have the ability to connect to the person, you are a born recruiter.”

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Venkat Swaroop

Deputy Manager of Operations, TekWissen


“The key to my success is understanding the human tendency. A recruiter should be more psychological enough to understand the hiring managers as well as the candidate and make sure that you can create a bridge between the both for smoother communication.”

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Victor Joseph

PASONA India Pvt. Ltd.


“Recruitment must be done with passion. Stay open to learning and do everything with a smile. Freshers might feel that it is a tele-calling job but it’s more than that. You got to understand both the recruiter and candidate psychologically, open up with them, and decide if the candidate fits the job.”


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