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Make Your Technology, Human Resources, e-HR A Reality

The never-ending contest about the future of Human Resources continues to take major twists and turns with business all over the world opting to introduce HR technologies as a tonic for HR Operations, Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisitions and.....

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“Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t”

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Money is in the People For New-Age HR Startups!

The success of HR startups like Talview, PiQube, Zeta , Belong , Mettl are bringing in better methods of Recruiting. Almost 235 HR startups have had in 2015 and capped $50 million in investment only. For 2016, the numbers have multiplied.....

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What Next? Aftermath 19th HR Tech Conference

19th #HRTechConf, Chicago just got over and left us with so much to do on Talent Acquisition. For those of you, who didn’t get the time to catch-up with the event, here’s a sneak peak:

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HR Challenges for SMB in 2015

                                                      SMB HR Challenges in 2015

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