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By Aanchal Sharma

August 20, 2021

RChilli Resume Parser In Oracle Cloud Marketplace-Enhance Candidate Apply Rate By Upto 85%

Is fetching the right candidates a huge dilemma for you, despite offering a decent package?

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By Snehil Sharma

August 9, 2021

Customer Speaks- Top 3 Amazing Benefits Recruit Genie Got from Using RChilli

RChilli is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of its customers with its intelligent ...

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By Jigna B

April 2, 2021

10 Things to know about Applicant Tracking System

Do you know anything about the applicant tracking system? And, if you desire to know each detail of ATS as a ...

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By Snehil Sharma

March 23, 2021

Why an ATS is Must for Quality Recruitment?

Recruiting quality hires for the organization is a crucial and daunting task. As a recruiter, it is pretty ...

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By Vinay Johar

February 12, 2021

What Does Losing Quality Candidates Cost to You?

Are candidates leaving your career page? Are you missing out on finding the right candidate? Are you offering ...

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By Navjot Kaur

January 6, 2021

10 Recruitment Terms You Must Know

The recruitment industry has seen a complete transformation in the last few years. If you work in or are ...

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By Snehil Sharma

November 25, 2020

Why Every ATS Needs A Resume Parser?

In today's digital era, hr technology can efficiently handle bulk recruitment and high applicant volumes. ...

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By Megan Doleweerd

November 4, 2020

3 Reasons Why Candidate Experience is Important

At times, candidate experience isn’t at the top of the list for talent acquisition professionals. They are ...

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By Snehil Sharma

September 29, 2020

How to Provide a Great Candidate Experience While Working Remotely?

The recruitment process is changing its shape, especially after the pandemic hit the world. As organizations ...

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