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Start Hiring Millennials Through Social Recruiting

We are a generation of millennials. We highly depend on social media for both our personal and professional needs. Social media has become the central point of every business operation. Be it branding, engaging clients or attracting new business,.....

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Microsoft & LinkedIn Merger is Transforming Recruiting. Are You Ready?

There is much hurly-burly over the Microsoft-LinkedIn Merger. Considering the '$26.2Billion’ amount and being Microsoft’s largest acquisition in history, the hype is self-explanatory.

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Businesses today use Social Media to sell, and HR tech SaaS industry is no different. But only a few handful HR tech SaaS vendors have lately managed to implement Social Media efficaciously. As a matter of fact, astonishingly 92% of US recruiters.....

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Where is Social Recruiting going now?

Social Recruiting is not going to be easy in coming days. Well, you can read columns like top 10, biggest 7, do’s and don’ts blogs easily on net about social recruiting, but rarely any post tells you about the right mix to be adopted in your.....

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Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment

With each passing day, the year 2017 is coming closer, and HR already has started planning, budgeting, and strategies for the year next. Soon we will be flooding up with the posts on trends 2017 related to this -and- that, and what of Recruitment.....

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