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Science behind Better Recruiting - Better Matching!

Does your software/Jobboard claims to attract the top candidate, the best way possible, first and fast? Then, probably, you’re not the only one vouching for best talent today among the rise of startups vs. enterprise. 2017 year will witness the.....

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What Next? Aftermath 19th HR Tech Conference

19th #HRTechConf, Chicago just got over and left us with so much to do on Talent Acquisition. For those of you, who didn’t get the time to catch-up with the event, here’s a sneak peak:

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Social Analytics and Resume Enrichment

With each passing day, the year 2017 is coming closer, and HR already has started planning, budgeting, and strategies for the year next. Soon we will be flooding up with the posts on trends 2017 related to this -and- that, and what of Recruitment.....

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Resume Parser & JD Parser: Perfect Solutions for Easy Recruitment

Technology has, undoubtedly, revolutionized the Recruitment Industry. Yet, recruiters struggle to find the best fit and desperately vouch for talent even before they start looking for jobs. This is called pro-active recruiting.

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Recruiters, have you started enriching Resumes?

You have tons of resumes stacked in your old database and you’ve not accessed it for a really long time, what more alternatives do you have, to make any sense out of them again? This tough question, everyday companies has to go thorough and.....

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