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How an ATS can hire faster and smarter with AI?

The current recruitment system calls for a smart and strategic process. An applicant tracking system brings uniformity in the entire hiring structure and helps recruiters by reducing hiring time. But can an ATS work efficiently without using any.....

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Microsoft & LinkedIn Merger is Transforming Recruiting. Are You Ready?

There is much hurly-burly over the Microsoft-LinkedIn Merger. Considering the '$26.2Billion’ amount and being Microsoft’s largest acquisition in history, the hype is self-explanatory.

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Your ATS Might Be Lagging Behind; Here Is Why?

Even though it hurts sharing this, here are few blog titles related to ATS, the internet is flooded with:

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How can Recruitment Software Impact your Business?

Recruitment Software is not only come to human resources, but it's also rapidly making its way from the HR executive to the HR trenches.

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Resume Parser and ATS; Let’s be Friends again

Recruitment is easy. Employers want to hire the best and candidates need right opportunity. It’s that simple.

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